Sunrise over Brisbane City, Queensland Australia: A New Day Dawning........

In a hurting world, you and I CAN make a difference..... in our own lives by

improving our health and thus reducing stress: and also in the lives of our loved  

ones and those special to us.

A New Day Dawning
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Just Pure Colostrum

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What Makes Our Pure Colostrum Different From The Others!


Be aware that there are many different "colostrum" products available.

Many of these are NOT Pure Colostrum - these cheaper products have added fillers, vitamins and minerals, dextrose etc.
which are not needed when you use PURE Colostrum<See what's in our Pure Colostrum>

And they must be sold as a food, not a Supplement; they will not have any government Registration (i.e. TGA).

Prices as low as $16.95 for a 300gm tub reflect quality - you do get what you pay for.

When you buy our Pure Colostrum/ColostrumMax, you get 4 things - a tub, a scoop, a little Syntec desiccant satchell (moisture absorbant) and 300gms of Pure High Peptide Colostrum - and nothing else!

Pure Colostrum is nature's 1st food, and has everything the new born mammal needs to start life; and older mammals like you and me need it to repair, maintain & protect our bodies from the toxic environment we all live in.

There are 2 other things you need to know about our Pure Colostrum:

The best method is IB Pasturised (72C for 15 seconds) which is how our Pure Colostrum is done; 
The cheaper method is Vat pasturised, where the product is heated up and then cooled, is much cheaper but reduces the efficacy of the colostrum by about 50%. Cheaper Colostrums may use this method.

Drying to make it a powder:
Heat drying over naked flames is cheap but dangerous because dangerous nitrous oxide gas is intorduced.
Our Pure Colostrum is spray dried - the best method.


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self-administering remedies. These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.