Sunrise over Brisbane City, Queensland Australia: A New Day Dawning........

In a hurting world, you and I CAN make a difference..... in our own lives by

improving our health and thus reducing stress: and also in the lives of our loved  

ones and those special to us.

A New Day Dawning
ABN: 40 782 339 239

Just Pure Colostrum

first 16 hour milking

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We are an on-line information & sales site for these very special products that, in our opinion,
will certainaly improve your way of life, as it has done for us and our families, friends and now many customers.

And - because the RegenAssist Skin Treatment range is so effective, we are very interested in speaking with any
ladies who would like to be trained as Demonstators, and thus earn some extra part-time income, risk free.

We do have points of contact in Sydney NSW & Brisbane QLD.

Our Contacts:


Ph: 0416 051 577 
Mob/Cel: 61 416 051 577

Please use the form above if you wish to send us an email, Thank You.