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Lifehouse "Truth about Cancer" Videos

Lifehouse is to be congratulated in making these series of videos "The Truth about Cancer" available to a wider audience. No responsibility nor recomendations are implied - the reader is advised to do their own due diligence, and where necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.

Following comments relate to Tuesday evening video sessions over the 6 nights in October and November 2015 starting with - Compromising the Immune System and How to De-tox followed by infomation specific to Cancer, and how pure high Peptide Colostrum may be able to assist in equipping the body to fight this degerative disease and restore cellular health. Links are provided to websites that contain Research References and information. We must rely on the science, not just anecdotal evidence.

Please invest your time in reading these notes - your knowledge and timely support may well save someone's life - even yours!

Many of the scientists and doctors interviewed referred to the degenerative effects of:

1. Genetically Modified foods and Junk foods - Dr David Jockers and scientist Jeffery Smith:

2. the effects of pesticides on cellular integrity, destroying enzymes and disrupting cells - Dr Keith Scott Mumby:  

3. anti-biotics that are toxic = tissue damage, and again GMO (genetically modified) foods which can lead to auto-immune disease and damage to the brain in following generations - Dr Patrick Quillin:

4. Aspartame, (used as a sweetner in many soft and low cal drinks). A toxic chemical that contains formaldehyde, which is carcenogenic - Dr Daniel Nuzum: 

5. Other issues were; damage to the immune system and DNA, heavy metals in the food chain and atmosphere, and the effects of fluoride bromide and chlorine - all very toxic to the human immune systems and overall health.

Can we address Cellular damage? Or DNA damage? A Japanese Research Paper 1984 is headed, and I quote from the Institute of Colostrum Research in Auckland NZ.....

"Japanese researchers discovered that Transforming Growth Factors A and B (TGF A & B) in bovine colostrum were involved in normal cellular activities such as embryonic development, cell proliferation, and tissue repair. They also reported it promoted the synthesis and repair of DNA - the master code of the cell". Scientist Noda et al, Gann Volume 1, pages 109-112, 1984. 

As you read the following notes, and the information available in our two sites and, remember that Colostrum is NOT a pharaceutical but rather God's pure food for the new-born mammal, and is essential to life and health. It is contra-indicated, working with not against medicines.

We were never created to live in the extremely toxic environment around us now - all the research over more than 30 years points towards this very powerful natural solution.

Disclaimer: we are not diagnosing nor prescribing, nor guaranteeing a cure (no-one can). We strongly encourage the reader to seek advice from the appropriate health care Professional. 

The Chief Scientist of the New Zealand-based Institute of Colostrum Research, wrote in a Paper published several years ago .. ..

I quote:

"Colostrum Rediscovered

Historically, in India Ayurvedic physicians have used bovine colostrum therapeutically for 100's of years. In the US and throughout the world, conventional doctors used it for antibiotic purposes prior to the introduction of sulpha drugs and penicillin. In the early 1950s colostrum was prescribed extensively for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In 1950 Dr Albert Sabin (1987, January 1962 Sabin & Fieldsteel Anti-Polio Myelitic Activity of Human and Bovine Colostrum and Milk in Paediatrics Page 105-115), the polio vaccine developer, discovered that colostrum contained antibodies against polio and recommended it for children susceptible to catching polio.

The past 20 years has witnessed the publication of over 6000 research papers world-wide strongly supportive of both colostrum and its numerous components. The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the scientific evidence for the clinical application of a promising immune system modulator.

In Colostrum, Life’s First Food published in 1996, Dr Daniel G Clarke’s basic message, as printed on the back cover his book, is that “bovine colostrum rebuilds the immune system, destroys viruses, bacterial (1982 research papers) and fungi, accelerates healing of all body tissue, helps lose weight, burn fat, increase bone and lean muscle mass and slows down and even reverses aging.” According to Clark and the well-known naturopathic physician, Dr Bernard Jensen in 1993, colostrum has a therapeutic role to play in AIDs, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, allergies, herpes (Journal of Clinical Laboratory Immunology), bacterial (1985 research) viral and parasitic (1987 research) infections, gingivitis, colds, the flu and much more. Colostrum has antioxidant properties, is anti-inflammatory and is a source of many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids".

Further on under “Clinical Applications”, Michail Borissenko writes about Heart Disease, Diabetes, Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases, Viral Illnesses, Weight Loss Programs, Athletic Stress, The Leaky Gut Syndrome and wound healing. For information on any of the above, see and/or contact us directly. Here we will only quote his comments on ..

"Cancer: The benefits of cytokines in the treatment of cancer were first popularized by the 1985 Steven Rosenberg book, Quiet Strides in the War on Cancer. Since that time, the same cytokines found in colostrum (Interleukins 1, 6, 10, Interferon G and Lymphokines) have been the single most researched protocols in scientific research for the cure for cancer.

Colostrum lactalbumin has been found to be able to cause the selective death (papooses) of cancer cells, leaving the surrounding non-cancerous tissues unaffected (August 1995). Lactoferrin has similarly been reported to possess anti-cancer activit6y.

The mix of immune and growth factors in colostrum can inhibit the spread of cancer cells. If viruses are involved in either the initiation or the spread of cancer, colostrum could prove to be one of the best ways to prevent the disease in the first place". End of quote.

NOTE: To save space, where we have put a year, those references are available – just ask.


Following comments refer to the Videos "You are what you eat" and "Nutrition" from Tuesday night 27 Oct 2015.

Pure Colostrum, which is a perfect natural food, could dramatically improve outcomes in all these 5 conditions that Dr Patrick Quillin PhD, speaking about Nutrition and Cancer Treatment, made:

"All cancer patients need to include nutrition in their strategy; 1. 40% of patients die from malnutrition; 2. Nutrition can improve radiotherapy and chemo; 3. Immune system - fails and needs to be strengthened; 4. Nutrients; because cancer is a biological response modifier, the body needs more support; 5. The cancer sufferer's body is no longer self-regulating".

See Research References and Articles.

Dr Bradford S Weeks, and several others, spoke about the need for Fresh foods, NO GM (genitically modified) foods, buy local where possible, short time from picking to table. He is strongly in favour of anti-inflammatory diets (pure high peptide colostrum is a powerful anti-inflammatory). Dr Murray Souse said that Amino acids are important in fighting cancer (High peptide Colostrum has a full suite of Amino acids).

Dr David Jockers spoke about the Ketogenic Diet (we've used this ourselves several times) and a warning from him to stay away from high temperature oils which are carcenogenic. Many speakers recommend the use of Coconut oil and milk, (and pure extra virgin Olive oil); seen to help deal with neuro-degenerative diseases too.

What didn't get a mention at all was the importance of dealing with LGS (Leaky Gut Syndrome); if our bodies cannot process food correctly, the nutrition needed won't get to where we need it! See on the Home Page on the 'old' site the 2 videos there and the Article about LGS - Colostrum helps heal the gut and bowel - naturally.

Scientist Mike Adams said that "Everything around us in nature is medicinal"; (and in many cases, anti-cancer). And "So much out there that we don't know about"; which for many, includes High Peptide Colostrum.  

Tuesday night 3 November 2015 videos "Diagnostics and Treatment for Cancer", and, "The Quest for the Cures continues". 

Dr Ben Johanson MD; spoke very strongly re Mammograms causing breast cancer - cancer causing radiation that "smashed the very sensitive tissues". He then discussed the options available, that included using an Infra-red thermal camera, so that nothing smashes the breast. This detects hot-spots, 8-10 yrs before there are tumor cells there and multiplying. Note that a tumor 5/16" size has about 1 billion cells = cancer cells right thru the body by that stage. Then this statement: "American medicine is not about helping people but about wealth creation". (Hey - don't attack me - I'm just the messenger!). 
See Research References <click here> - 1 quoted, from the Journal of Cell Biochemistry 1999 is titled "Lactoferrin inhibits GI Cyclin-dependent kinases during growth arrest of human breast carcinoma cells": more notes are quoted there.

Scientist Mike Adams added that, due to mammograms, there has been a 50% increase in breast cancers over the last several years, especially in the 40-50 age group. "The cancer industry is systmemic in causing the cancer". 

Bob Wright asked.... "Why do people fund raise?.......These things that God put on the earth are just not considered". He pointed out that only about 20% of monies raised actually goes to cancer research.

Dr Tony Jimenez has used natural products for 30yrs, and for 25yrs, the 7 Principles of Natural Therapies. His concerns about viruses, parasites and emotional and biological effects can be dealt with in many cases by high peptide colostrum.

Dr Burzynski PhD has had his very successful clinic in Texas for years; and that state government has been trying to shut him down for years. However, the results in treating cancer patients are remarkable. He commented that brain tumors are very difficult to treat; so if a patient survives for 10-20 yrs it proves that these treatments work! He mentioned Epigenitics and the effect on genes; Dr Keech PhD, in his landmark book (a copy of which we have) Peptide Immunotherapy, Colostrum a Physician's Guide, refers to Neurotransmitters - see page 85. And he mentioned.... "that the body must have a strong line of defence because cancer cells exhaust the body - once started they are hard to beat". So once again, colosturm has a role to play here. 

The 2nd video "The Quest for the Cure continues" contained volumes of information, too much for me to take notes are a couple of comments.

Dr Nicola Gonsalez; (we've had experience in helping a patient deal with pancreatic cancer. Note that if a viruse is instrumental in spreading the cancer cells, colostrum, which kills viruses, can control the spread, as well as kill cells and improve the results of chemo...see the Article on this site). 

G Edward Griffin covered much information concerning nutrition, and especially  had very strong comments re the the "Californian Report for 1953" which referred to smoking.....that it found smoking was helpful for curing lung cancer! This is definitey worth hearing look it up! And see what happened to the health of at least one researcher.......

Finally - Dr Francso Contreras has and is having very high %age success rates by adding in prayer, and an holistic approach; his results from his clinic in Mexico are approx 5x better than US clinics. And Dr Leigh Erin Connelly mentioned that Macrophages, the "Pak Men" of the immune system, eat cancer cells. Once again - high peptide Colostrum boosts the immune system..

Tuesday night 10 November 2015 videos "Proven Treatment Protocols" and "Stories of Cancer Patients and others".

Dr James Forsyth Oncologist and Homeopath said that his research and treatments had showed a 60% increase in survival rates, including breast cancer (compared to a 3% survival rate with "traditional" methods.

Dr Buzz Susser commented about Insulation Therapy, which was a last hope for many. It deals with blood sugar levels; cancer cells love sugar - if they don't get it they die. 

Comment: see the Alkaline Diet in Extras below Shop Products List on home page.

Dr Weeks MD agrees with the above. Chemotherapy has only a 25% chance of killing cancer cells. Trick cancer cells to open up = 75% chance.

Dr Ben Johnson D.N. There are many very good herbal alternatives that treat cancer. "It is laughable what normal treatmetns are doing!".

Bob Wright talked about organic sulphur, tumeric, other anti-oxidents. Chemo and radiation needs to be offset by powerful anti-oxidents. Sulphur - 25% (?) by weight in the body - deals with cancer. Combines with O3 in flaxseed oil.

Dr Nuzeem D.O. N.M.D. Iodine - and essential element, helps deals with a whole range of ailments; and a surplus is needed to deal with cancer. Chlorine in water is a toxic element BUT  offset by iodine. A sign of flouride toxicity is that teeth fall out; and weakness in the lower jaw. Bone should become stiffer, not brittle.

Moor (my comment; which we have in the RegenAssist skin Treatment range) is a decomposition of organic matter forming a nutritional residue. Folic acid works in the Metachondria - Krebs cycle - it goes into the cell and converts all the molecules back into nutrition. Includes converting the free radicals to nutrition too. Don't have suger - protect the kids. "Why don't people get told? You can't make money out of natural therapies. It's the business of medicine" = Sell more drugs!  

Another comment, I think from Dr Scott Bell was - Get rid of soap! = reduce toxic chemicals, reduce heavy metals increase the immune system. My comment: our RegenAssist Skin Treatment Range + Pure ColostrumMax, does exactly that! 

2nd video Stories of Cancer Patients and Others.

Opening comment in introduction - Over 80% of surveyed Oncologists would not use chemotherapy for themselves or their families!

Dr Charles Majors MD. had brain tumors which should have been fatal. The body adapts to the stress, so he had to get out of the toxic hospital environment. The #1 step is to stop making the cancer! So need to not just stop, but kill the cancer. Supplements, exercises, (I missed this next one). 4 yrs later blood work clean, good, healed. Must change the environment for the body; increase O2, vitamin C, oxygen take-up. Cellular health = creating the environment so that the cancer never comes back.

My comment - Pure colostrum/ColostrumMax is legally permitted to advertise as "Nutrition for your Cells" - this is on the containers, government approved. 


 (26 Feb 2016: I am adding the information from the other videos over the next couple of weeks. The BEST thing is for you to see the videos!).

Information provided on this site is for educational use only and is not intended as medical advice.
If you have any serious health concerns you should always check with your health care practitioner before
self-administering remedies. These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.