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So were we!

ARE YOU THINKING...."Yes, but...?"

So did we!


So are we!


Have you ever wondered how a black and white cow produces white milk and yellow butter?

Does not knowing 'how' stop you from enjoying the milk and butter? No, of course not.

So it is with Colostrum.

However, so that you can have confidence in Colostrum, here is just one paragraph from a 433 page Medical text book.

You will only enjoy the benefits when you are taking Pure high peptide Colostrum every day, like we do.

NOTE: there are 13 serious conditions listed here - several have the capacity to cause death.


Colostrum contains a number of complex carbohydrates, including glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans, mucins, and oligosaccharides, which are basically complex sugars either alone or in combinations with proteins or lipids (fats). They are known to inhibit pathogen binding to gut lining cells, preventing their entry into the bloodstream, usually by competing for binding sites on the cell membranes.

One fucosyloligosaccharide inhibits E. coli toxin.

Another inhibits Campylobacter jejuni which is a major cause of gastroenteritis and food poisoning. Oligosaccharides inhibit the binding of Streptococcus pneumoniae, which causes many infections such as pneumonia, meningitis, otitis, osteomyelitis, peritonitis and endocarditis, and enteropathogenic E. coli, which causes diarrhea. A mannosylated (mannose is a type of sugar) glycopeptide inhibits the binding of enterhemorrhagic E. coli, which causes bloody diarrhea.

One of the glycosaminoglycans prevents the binding of HIV structural protein to CD4+ cells (T cells), which is the first step in HIV infection.

Mucin, found in milk and colostrum, inhibits the binding of S-fimbriated E. coli (fimbriae are thred-like structures used by certain bacteria to adhere to cells).

Ganglioside GMI, a membrane protein, reduces diarrhea due to cholera toxin and E. coli labile toxin. Glycosphingolipid Gb3, another membrane protein, binds to shiga toxin, a toxin produced by Shingella dysenteriae (cause of dysentery) and the shigatoxigenic group of E. coli. Shiga toxic functions much like the deadly toxin ricin by inhibiting protein synthesis in target cells.

Ref: Peptide Immunotherapy, page 90, Dr Andrew Keech PhD.

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