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In a hurting world, you and I CAN make a difference..... in our own lives by

improving our health and thus reducing stress: and also in the lives of our loved  

ones and those special to us.

A New Day Dawning
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"Vanity or Primal" Instinct?

  The April 5 Sun-Herald had a 2 page article titled as above - see pages 32 and 33. All about just how much people were spending world-wide, on skin care and treatments. The money being spent, is staggering! Global spend on skin care products = $US 121 Billion!

And $US 19 Billion in the US, on skin lightening creams by 2018. What really concerns us is that many of these skin creams contain mercury: and are the subject of a WHO - World Health Organisation - warning in 2011. Additionally - so many so-called treatments have little, or no, scientific evidence that they work. ie - the Geisha facial, which involves putting bird poo on your face! So; where to now? Try us! have a look on this site in the Skin Treatment area - what we have works, has the scientific back-up, and we use the 3 products too...and have done so for ages.

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