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Cholesterol and High Peptide Colostrum

  Following is information that may help deal with cholesterol challenges.

Dr Andrew Keech’s (PhD) book, Peptide Immunotherapy – Colostrum, a Physicians Reference Guide has several references, and they are in note form following.

1. Ref page 38; Leakey Gut syndrome…..mineral deficiency because the body is deprived of….. (various mineral)…….  due to poor intestinal absorption, including copper….which leads to high blood cholesterol levels and osteoarthritis.

2. Ref page 91; Fatty Acid Binding Protein……A member of the lipocalin family of secreted proteins, fatty acid binding protein regulates two molecular pathways that co-ordinate inflammatory activity and cholesterol uptake.

3. Ref page 265; Dietary Fibre and Prebiotics; approx. 13 Oligosaccharides are in colostrum – and component sugars include Sialic Acid (which itself is strongly anti-viral)……….improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, it has been shown to have an effect of lowering serum cholesterol and triglycerides. It has also been shown to have an effect on increasing the HDL/LDL cholesterol (good versus bad cholesterol) ratio, thus having a beneficial effect on overall health.

4. Ref page 301; Apolipoprotein Levels and Colostrum………..what colostrum does is reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels……mechanisms involved include insulin-like growth factor-1 (IgF-1), anti-oxidants (such as glutathione) and cytokines also present in colostrum. Colostrum growth factors promote the repair and regeneration of heart muscle and the regeneration of new blood vessels for collateral coronary circulation.

We can't guarantee or claim anything - however the science is very encouraging about how colostrum may assist the body to attain homeostasis.  

On 4 Mar 15, Dr Andrew Keech PhD posted on our FB…….. “Yes Charles, healing the gut and re-setting the immune system is the obvious solution to the various disease states we all ultimately face”.


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