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Flu Viruses et al:

  Flu viruses, any virus! Who wants to get the flu? No-one I know. This Comment added Tuesday 8th September 2015: information just received from Brisbane.......
Health authorities there are very concerned about the number of patients presenting showing infection by the B Strain influenza virus. There are saying that there are no medical answers yet to dealing with this virus, which is not effected by any of the current flu vaccines. However - science has proven that high peptide pure Colostrum is equipping the body's Immune system to effectively fight this virus. And we have anecdotal evidence to support this.
Like many including the health authorities, we are concerned about just how severe flu viruses can be, especially when they mutate; the news report last week about the 2014-15 Vaccine being only about 20% effective against the H3N2 virus is an example. Which is not very encouraging, especially if you have no sick leave available, or are a professional and/or self-employed. So being infected by a flu virus...any virus, and be very expensive.
Looking for answers I've been reading New Zealand born Dr Andrew Keech's book "Peptide Immunotherapy, Colostrum A Physician's Reference Guide". Dr Keech holds a PhD, lectures at medical conferences, and is recognised world-wide. On page 40 he details some of the benefits of Lactoferrin, which occurs naturally in colostrum and is particularly effective in high peptide "1st milking" pure colostrum, being one of the main proteins. It is a very potent destroyer of viruses, including hepatits B and C, the influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus (which causes colds in adults and can cause  pneumonia in children) + deals with herpes. And Lactoferrin also destroys bacteria by binding free iron, which prevents many fungi reproducing - ie Candida.
And the Immunoglobulins (antibodies) in colostrum also kill or neutralise many bacteria, other viruses and fungi. On page 39 Dr Keech makes the statement that "no other health food product can claim to be an immune system modulator and stimulant, as well as protection from dangerous bacteria like Salmonella or Streptococcus and viruses such as HIV, fungi" etc. High peptide colostrum also builds defences against antibiotic resistant super strains, such as vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas.
We've taken high peptide pure colostrum daily for at least 6 years, (and a quality, but not high peptide colostrum, since 2007) and have not had flu vaccine since 2007: (this is NOT a all times we need to heed the advice of the qualified health care professionals). Just image how you would feel knowing that every morning, as you enjoyed your pure colostrum drink, many visuses bacteria and even cancer cells were being destroyed or neutralised? We let the science do the talking. 
At the first symptom of a cold, we increase our usual daily amount of high peptide colostrum; and on the rare occasion that the cold has worsened into the flu, the double dose of colostrum for about 3 or 4 days has dealt with the virus. So no extra medical costs, and only minimal time lost at work. Because colostrum is a food, not a pharmaceutical, high doses say up to 30gms/day are fine for most, unless pregnant, or taking immuno-suppressant medication. (See elsewhere on this site for further information in this area, and at all times consult the appropriate health care professional).
In closing - none of the above is designed to diagnose, prescribe nor heal - however from our experience, and it seems the science confirms this, we may have alternatives that are worth investigating. We leave it up to you the reader to do your own due diligence, like we have.

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