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What are Immunoglobulins?

  Hi there,

We often are asked a question about Immunoglobulins, which are also called Antibodies; and why are they important?

The best description I’ve seen is in a medical textbook “Peptide Immunotherapy, A Physicians Reference Guide to Colostrum”, by Dr Andrew Keech PhD.

See if this helps you too.

Dr Keech says..…”they are the main component of the Adaptive immune system. (My comment - remember there is also the Innate immune system).

So when an antigen, which is a foreign protein, is found by scout cells in the body anywhere, a series of events, a chain, starts which results in the antibodies specific to that antigen being produced by certain blood cells; these are B lymphocytes. These specific antibodies fit the antigens like a key in a lock.

The disabled antigen is then targeted for destruction by the immune system”.

Isn’t this really good news?

High peptide pure colostrum is very rich in Immunoglobulins.


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