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Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Disease...."is a disease of chronic inflammation in the small intestine (impairing absorption of nutrients) and can occur in a variety of other organs in the body". (Quote from Bupa leaflet dated April 2016, which is available in doctors' reception areas). Other areas in the body that Coeliac Disease can effect include: the reproductive tract, liver, thyroid system, joints and bones, pancreas and even the nervous system.

So can pure high peptide colostrum assist the body to heal? The science indicates a positive yes. How? Firstly - pure high peptide colostrum is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and secondly, it also heals the gut and bowel which is vital because poor absorption of nutrients can also lead to problems like anemia and vitamin deficiencies. And complications may result from "an abnormal immune response caused by gluten". Again - malabsorption of nutrients is mentioned.

We strongly recommend that should you have any concerns, you do need to consult your qualified medical advisor - so these notes are designed to inform, not to diagnose nor prescribe. Best see if you can pick-up a copy of this leaflet, like we did. Areas covered include: Glands (Endocrine system); Joints (Rheumatological); Blood (Hematological); Gastrointestinal; Bone; and Liver.

Let's look at Gastrointestinal. 5 problems are listed...and pure high peptide colostrum may have a very positive impact in assisting healing. These are: Gastrointestinal cancer; Pancreatic insufficiency...that is, inability to properly digest food; Lactose intolerance; Pernicious anemia...that is, inability to absorb B 12; and Microscopic colitis...which is watery diarrhoea. There is scientific information here in this site, that covers all these situations that Coeliac Disease may cause, and how pure high peptide pure colostrum may help aleviate and improve lifestyle. So see here in Articles and in Research References.

A reminder too that with an Auto-immune disease, which Coeliac Disease is, the PRPs (Proline rich Polypeptides) in this 1st milking 16 hr colostrum,...... "It is able to stimulate the immune system in a variety of ways....and has the ability to modulate the Immune Response, turning it up or down as needed. No other health food product can clain that". Quote from medical text book "Peptide Immunotherapy, Colostrum - A Physician's Reference Guide" by Dr Andrew Keech PhD page 39. 

And lastly - a major complication of Coeliac Disease is in part caused because it is genetically linked, with inherited genes. More good news then - pure high peptide colostrum has the ability to help sort out the corrupted DNA - see Research References again: and the 2 videos...Professor Raymond Playford Gastroenterologist is Deputy Vice Chancellor of Plymouth University UK, and Dr. Andrew Keech PhD is a world-renowned expert in this field, author and lecturer. Any questions - please send us an email, and we'll see what we can do to help you. Prevention IS better than cure.  

Information provided on this site is for educational use only and is not intended as medical advice.
If you have any serious health concerns you should always check with your health care practitioner before
self-administering remedies. These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.