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Sugar in my coffee?

Sugar in my coffee?

Hi Friends: we've just been enjoying a coffee at Latitude 30, at Coffs Harbour north breakwater - with the most wonderful ocean and Solitary Islands views, and NW to the hills above Coffs. So to sugar. Latitude 30 has sugar at the table of course - plus the green "natVia" sachets. Have you seen them too?

Natvia comes from organic Stevia plants - and is healthy!! White sugar isn't. To quote Dr Patrich Quillan PhD; "Cancer cells are obligate sugar metabolisers"...they feed on sugar; and like the infamous high fructose corn syrup, block the signals in our brains that say....Stop Eating. You can buy natVia in stores like Coles. Another post follows shorthy. So - enjoy the coffee, guilt-free!

Published in FB 1 August 2016.

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