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Holistic Skin Treatment

Over the years, we’ve all often heard about ‘holistic care’; this can apply to Skin Treatment too. So Holistic Skin Treatment.

Do you know anyone who is spending money on skin care/cosmetic products, and not really getting the results they expect? So on a cost benefit analysis, what is being spent just isn’t really worth it. Anyone you know who has a bottom draw in their bathroom vanity, full of old cosmetic products?


3 Treatment Products + pure High Peptide Colostrum becomes Holistic Skin Treatment. How long does each one last? Depends on daily usage of course.

As a guide; the Treatment Bar, 1-3 months, the Renewal Cream about 2 months and the Mask,  if 13 weekly applications = 3 months.   

Cost;   Bar $49.95 – so if 2 months =$0.85 cents/day.

           Cream $85.95 – if 2 months = $1.43/day.

           Mask $47.96 = $3.69/application.

Daily total say about $2.30 + Mask whenever.

Immediate benefits; healthy skin, and a saving in cosmetics (usually reduced need), and time used to cleanse, ex-foliate, tone and apply “dry/oily” skin creams. Reduced toxic load on your body, especially if showering with Treatment Bar; no shampoo nor soap needed.


We believe that the RegenAssist range of 3 Skin Treatment products, is Holistic Skin Treatment. Add the pure High Peptide Colostrum, and you have the fourth very important product for Holistic Skin Treatment.

As is said so often: What happens on the inside of the body, is reflected by what is happening on the skin. We are using the term Holistic Skin Treatment deliberately, because these 4 products work together to actually treat the skin, not just ‘care for the skin’.

Do we use these products? Yes we do use these products, and have done so since they became available here in Australia more than 8 years ago. As we age, Holistic Skin Treatment becomes more and more important.

We live in Coffs Harbour, on the north coast of New South Wales; this is a sub-tropical environment and an outdoor lifestyle, with hi UV readings – so good skin care is essential. We have the pure High Peptide Colostrum every day, and treat our skin most mornings with the Treatment Bar and then the Renewal Cream. The Mask is used less often of course.

If there is one important key comment about this Holistic Skin Treatment regime, it would be “Cellular Renewal”.

Each day: to obtain the best results, and excellent value for money, you treat your skin 1st with the Treatment Bar by just creaming it up in your hands and applying it to you face. Leave it on for about 2 minutes, rinse off, pat dry then apply sparingly a little of the Renewal Cream. This regime takes about 5 minutes, so can be fitted in to a busy morning schedule. If you have had your pure High Peptide Colostrum – there is your Holistic Skin Treatment dealt with for the day.

Are you just adding made-man chemicals to your skin? Almost every product we all use has some; but the key ingredients are natural.

What happens is that the Treatment Bar works into the pores, not just sits on the surface. The Moor from Austria contains up to about 700 active natural ingredients, and comes from Peat Bogs. Many European Spas are located there; about 50ks north of Salzburg. So your skin is receiving a Spa Treatment in about 2 minutes.

Then the Renewal Cream, which contains several healing ingredients including Centella Asiatica Plant Stem Cell Fraction, really helps “Cellular Renewal”.

Finally – the Mask, which is pure Moor, mentioned earlier. This should be used about once per week, and is actually a Spa Treatment. After treating with the Treatment Bar, the Mask is applied, and left on for about 6 minutes; preferably keep it moist for best results. Then rinse off - and keep the “grey water” for your pot plants – or the dog and cat to drink! Seriously!   

Lastly, there is evidence available that serious skin issues like skin cancers can be reduced by a high quality Holistic Skin Treatment regime.

Information provided on this site is for educational use only and is not intended as medical advice.
If you have any serious health concerns you should always check with your health care practitioner before
self-administering remedies. These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.