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RegenAssist Intensive Therapy Mask 120g - Bio Glow


Regenassist Intensive Therapy Mask 120g containing Moor

About 50kms north of Saltzberg in Austria is an area of "National Significance". It is fenced and secure. This is a Peat bog created over several thousand years from decaying plants and leaf litter.
The Moor contains at least 700 bioactives which have been named, and the scientists expect that it could be up to 1300 bioactives.
Situated around the whole are Spa's, some of which have operated in this area for many many years.

Used on the skin, it has wonderful healing and restoration properties - and we have it in Australia. Our supplier has the exclusive South Pacific license.
This Intensive Therapy Mask is pure Moor - and it has no "use by" date, being about 30,000 yrs old.
So it is a 100% organic concentrate, haivng at least 700 varieties of healing plants which rejuvenate and purify all skin types.
We personally have used Moor for at least 5 years, and strongly recommend it. Best applied weekly; and this tube will give you about 13 applications - so may last 3 months. 

So what is it? It is a professional herbal treatment suitablefor all skin types - a pure concentrate of Peat from Austria. It is organic and contains entirely medicinal herbs.
Moor achieves superior performance because it safely and effectively detoxes and purifies while hydrating the skin with nourishing bioactives which revive the skin to a radiant youthful glow.

Shake and knead tube then squeeze a small amount into a smal bowl, and mix with purified water - you need a creamy consistency.
Or do what many of us do and apply direct to the skin, which needs to be damp - best to use the Treatment Bar 1st.
Coverage needs to be enough to prevent any skin from showing through.
Leave on for 6 minutes - and keep damp to prevent drying.
Rinse with warm water - and don't throw the Moor water away! Give it to your cat or dog; they will love it, really. And use it to water your plants too.

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