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True Stories

Kylie's Story

  On 18/12/15 I underwent a colonoscopy and a Ligasure Haemorrhoidectomy. This procedure was under general aesthetic. Before the operation I was taking colostrum capsules 2 per day as my normal intake and also 2 scoops of the powder with soy milk (I don’t drink cow’s milk. I like the taste of soy milk better, no medical reason to having soy milk).

Following the procedure my doctor instructed me to eat a light meal that day and then resume normal eating the following day. This is the usual instruction given to all patients. I was also told to avoid high fibre foods eg porridge, whole meal bread, bran etc for at least 2 weeks. Basically until I felt like eating it again.

Following the procedure and once I was home I had a shake of my usual pure colostrum powder with 4 scoops and had colostrum capsules each time I took my medication prescribed by my doctor (there was a lot of drugs to take for pain management and suppressing infection, laxatives and Metamucil). Therefore I was taking up to 6 colostrum capsules per day while I was on prescription medication. After the course of medication was over I still took 6 capsules of colostrum every day for about 2 weeks. Gradually I reduced dosage until I was back at 2 per day. This took about 4 weeks.

At my 6 week follow up my doctor was amazed that I didn’t take the strong pain killers that were given to me and I believe that the colostrum powder and capsules helped in this healing process. Yes it was still a painful recovery, however there was no infection and no issues with my gut health. I did take Panadol and used warm showers, baths and heat packs to minimize the pain. I didn’t need the strong pain killers. This could also be because I am relatively young and healthy before the procedure.

I was 3 weeks off work after the procedure as it was a painful recovery. I work in office admin so sitting down for long periods of time were not possible. I had a donut pillow that I sat on at work and got up and walked around on a regular basis. I also did stretches at home which helped in recovery

By Easter 2016 I was recovered enough not to need the pillow and pretty much spot on in the timeline of recovery that my doctor gave me. He allowed up to 3 months for full recovery.

I still take colostrum powder for gut health and the capsules for when I feel like I need them.

Our Story - About Colostrum


Our story - how we found out about Colostrum, and the difference taking it every day has made, and is making, to our health and lifestyle. Written by Charles Brewer, 5 February 2016. At a Sydney business conference in September 2006, we were introduced to bovine colostrum. The NZ company had a range of health products, including a breakfast energy shake which included 2 gms of NZ colostrum. For the 2yrs prior to this conference, I had battled a painful Staph infection that could only be treated by anti-biotics. So we bought a tin; within 5 days the painful skin infections were reducing, and were gone in 2 wks...I threw the anti-biotics out.
This condition never returned.
I asked our excellent GP  to explain: he said;
"Charles, your immune system has become so strong that it has crushed the infection". And as to my "Now what?"...." Over time the infection will be destroyed".
He was right! I've only needed a short (5days) of anti-biotics, to deal with a winsdom tooth infection prior to extraction. And I'm 69, and medication free.

Additionally, we learnt about Cholesterol; how colostrum could increase the HDL and reduce the LDL - which it did for me, proved by blood tests; once again I threw the 20mgs/day of Lipex away, and haven't needed any Statin drugs since. Note: the NZ colostrum was quite good quality, but added to an energy shake.
Our Pure High Peptide Colostrum is many times more potent; 16gms of the NZ shake had 2gms of colostrum....10gms of ours is 10gms of Pure Colostrum, and nothing else! And about the same price!

We have chosen not to have flu vaccines (last 2007); we just don't need them, and very rarely get the flu, and then only for a few days. Increasing our usual 7gms/day to 20gms deals with the virus.

Because of the colostrum we don't have any digsestive issues, such as LGS (leaky gut syndrome).  Note: the science that backs this up is in Research References.
So we continue to take Pure high peptide Colostrum every day, first thing.

Result: doctors' appointments are rare, no time lost nor incomes effected by sickness, greatly improved health and lifestyle - and a big one....NO STRESS worrying about degenerative health issues. Books we've found very informative and extremely encouraging! "Peptide Immunotherapy" - Colostrum, a Physician's Reference Guide.       Dr Andrew Keech - PhD, B.Sc., B.Eng., CPE.

"Sleep Well" - Practical ways to help you sleep.                                        Richard Green - B.A., Grad Dip Ed., Grad Dip PG. "Switch on your Brain" - the Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health. Dr Caroline Leaf PhD - Communications Pathologist and Audiologist. "Think and Eat Yourself smart" - a neuroscientific approach to a sharper mind and healthier life. Dr C.Leaf PhD.

Sarah - Testimony


Background: this email is dated 17 November 2015 at 4.50pm. Sarah lives in South Australia. The Research References on this site provide the scientific basis for each condition that pure high peptide colostrum has helped Sarah deal with.

Hi Charles,

Thank you for the follow up. Everything has arrived safe and sound, including the bonus tub which arrived yesterday.

You've mentioned previously you like to hear people's experiences with colostrum, well here's mine....

From as far back as my early teens I've had issues with my skin. Not so much acne all over my face but I'd always had at least one or two spots on my face that would look more like a skin infection (red/angry/sore) than acne. A doctor put me on antibiotics which I took for around four or five years.  I never really noticed any difference - I still had the breakouts even while on the medication. I also had many bouts of unexplained tummy pain, like a feeling of nausea for days at a time.

Fast forward to my mid-thirties and I still never really had clear skin.  I was a single mum with four children, studying full-time at university. Half way through my four year degree was when everything came to a head. On top of normal study stress, my grandfather and uncle passed away and my brother-in-law was hit by a car and in hospital in a coma with a brain injury. This all happened within a month. Following this, my skin had developed what looked like a cross between cystic acne and eczema along my jaw and down both sides of my neck. Around the same time, my doctor had called me in to explain I had changes in my cervical cells following a pap smear and in three months' time if there was any progression I would need surgery.

I felt like my body was being poisoned. So I started to do some research.

I learnt that gluten and dairy were the two biggest allergens so I decided to cut these out of my diet. Within three days, the redness in my skin subsided. I decided to have a food intolerance test to determine exactly what foods were causing a problem. Turns out it was gluten and dairy as well as wheat and oats. I cut these things out of my diet completely for three years. Cervical cells returned to normal, my digestion was noticeably better  but I still had the occasional skin flare up, dry angry patches in one area or another which would sometimes take a couple of months to heel. This frustrated me as I knew for this to appear externally, it meant something internally was still not right.

Having breastfed four children, I knew the benefits of colostrum and decided one day to see if there was any research on using colostrum for skin conditions. This is when I came across your website and decided to give it a try. I ordered it in bulk - a big investment considering I didn't know if it would make any difference. I'm glad I did, as it took three months before all areas of my skin were finally healed. For the first time since I was twelve years old, my skin is completely clear and has remained that way for the past six months. I've even been able to re-introduce those foods I was intolerant to with no reaction.

Initially I was taking a tablespoon in the morning and a tablespoon at night. I know Charles, your advice was to start off slow...but I'm not very patient in that regard! Anyway, there were no adverse effects and I now take just a tablespoon in the morning, increasing that if I feel a bit run down. I'd like to add since taking the colostrum I have only had one cold - with the symptoms lasting only one day.

I believe gut health is the answer to so many health issues. For me, cutting out the foods I had developed an intolerance to was only half of the solution...after all those years on antibiotics, my gut needed to heal. As good as my diet was, getting the nutrients out of all those 'superfoods' I was eating wasn't going to happen until my gut had healed. And that is what colostrum has done.

So Charles, I am an avid believer of colostrum and talk to many people about it. There are two cases in particular I was hoping you could help me with. I have a friend with a 12 year old boy with terrible eczema on his legs to the point where his skin is scarred from the lesions. Doctors have given steroid cream and his legs often need wrapping in cold towels for relief.  He and his brother are also often hospitalised with asthma. I've talked to their mother about colostrum for the last year but don't want to cross the line and be too pushy. So I was wondering if you had research findings on the topic of colostrum for eczema and asthma that I could pass on.

Also, I have a sister-in-law with MS. I know colostrum would be of great benefit to her because of how it helps to regulate the immune system but I would like to show her some research to back up what I'm telling her. Do you have anything you could send my way?

Comment: information provided to Sarah re both these enquiries.

Sue ~ Qld


Im thinking I might actually have a nice xmas this year for the first time in 20 years if my pain stays at this level or better.

My chiropractor was surprised yesterday when he only had to adjust 1 bone in my back as well as adjust my neck. This is very good for me as any allergy that I have plays havoc with my spine and i usually need 3 or 4 bones adjusted in my spine. Even the one bone in my spine needing adjustment was only out a small amount .

Also my headaches seem to be less intense just over the last 3 or 4 days.

I have only been taking Pure Colostrum for 31 days, so it hasnt been very long and my leaky gut is quite severe according to the tests. I have no idea if the colostrum has anything to do with it but Im not doing anything else different so I suspect that it is.

This is actually the best Ive felt in years right now.

I still have a headache but the intensity is much less.

I have also noticed I have an increase in energy.

I am now taking 1 large scoop morning and night after gradually building up to that over the last month.

Sue - Qld

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