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Our Story - About Colostrum


Our story - how we found out about Colostrum, and the difference taking it every day has made, and is making, to our health and lifestyle. Written by Charles Brewer, 5 February 2016. At a Sydney business conference in September 2006, we were introduced to bovine colostrum. The NZ company had a range of health products, including a breakfast energy shake which included 2 gms of NZ colostrum. For the 2yrs prior to this conference, I had battled a painful Staph infection that could only be treated by anti-biotics. So we bought a tin; within 5 days the painful skin infections were reducing, and were gone in 2 wks...I threw the anti-biotics out.
This condition never returned.
I asked our excellent GP  to explain: he said;
"Charles, your immune system has become so strong that it has crushed the infection". And as to my "Now what?"...." Over time the infection will be destroyed".
He was right! I've only needed a short (5days) of anti-biotics, to deal with a winsdom tooth infection prior to extraction. And I'm 69, and medication free.

Additionally, we learnt about Cholesterol; how colostrum could increase the HDL and reduce the LDL - which it did for me, proved by blood tests; once again I threw the 20mgs/day of Lipex away, and haven't needed any Statin drugs since. Note: the NZ colostrum was quite good quality, but added to an energy shake.
Our Pure High Peptide Colostrum is many times more potent; 16gms of the NZ shake had 2gms of colostrum....10gms of ours is 10gms of Pure Colostrum, and nothing else! And about the same price!

We have chosen not to have flu vaccines (last 2007); we just don't need them, and very rarely get the flu, and then only for a few days. Increasing our usual 7gms/day to 20gms deals with the virus.

Because of the colostrum we don't have any digsestive issues, such as LGS (leaky gut syndrome).  Note: the science that backs this up is in Research References.
So we continue to take Pure high peptide Colostrum every day, first thing.

Result: doctors' appointments are rare, no time lost nor incomes effected by sickness, greatly improved health and lifestyle - and a big one....NO STRESS worrying about degenerative health issues. Books we've found very informative and extremely encouraging! "Peptide Immunotherapy" - Colostrum, a Physician's Reference Guide.       Dr Andrew Keech - PhD, B.Sc., B.Eng., CPE.

"Sleep Well" - Practical ways to help you sleep.                                        Richard Green - B.A., Grad Dip Ed., Grad Dip PG. "Switch on your Brain" - the Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health. Dr Caroline Leaf PhD - Communications Pathologist and Audiologist. "Think and Eat Yourself smart" - a neuroscientific approach to a sharper mind and healthier life. Dr C.Leaf PhD.

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