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Kylie's Story

  On 18/12/15 I underwent a colonoscopy and a Ligasure Haemorrhoidectomy. This procedure was under general aesthetic. Before the operation I was taking colostrum capsules 2 per day as my normal intake and also 2 scoops of the powder with soy milk (I don’t drink cow’s milk. I like the taste of soy milk better, no medical reason to having soy milk).

Following the procedure my doctor instructed me to eat a light meal that day and then resume normal eating the following day. This is the usual instruction given to all patients. I was also told to avoid high fibre foods eg porridge, whole meal bread, bran etc for at least 2 weeks. Basically until I felt like eating it again.

Following the procedure and once I was home I had a shake of my usual pure colostrum powder with 4 scoops and had colostrum capsules each time I took my medication prescribed by my doctor (there was a lot of drugs to take for pain management and suppressing infection, laxatives and Metamucil). Therefore I was taking up to 6 colostrum capsules per day while I was on prescription medication. After the course of medication was over I still took 6 capsules of colostrum every day for about 2 weeks. Gradually I reduced dosage until I was back at 2 per day. This took about 4 weeks.

At my 6 week follow up my doctor was amazed that I didn’t take the strong pain killers that were given to me and I believe that the colostrum powder and capsules helped in this healing process. Yes it was still a painful recovery, however there was no infection and no issues with my gut health. I did take Panadol and used warm showers, baths and heat packs to minimize the pain. I didn’t need the strong pain killers. This could also be because I am relatively young and healthy before the procedure.

I was 3 weeks off work after the procedure as it was a painful recovery. I work in office admin so sitting down for long periods of time were not possible. I had a donut pillow that I sat on at work and got up and walked around on a regular basis. I also did stretches at home which helped in recovery

By Easter 2016 I was recovered enough not to need the pillow and pretty much spot on in the timeline of recovery that my doctor gave me. He allowed up to 3 months for full recovery.

I still take colostrum powder for gut health and the capsules for when I feel like I need them.

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